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Bondage By Request is the online portfolio of internationally renown bondage & fetish photographer Jim Martin.  Jim began his photography career at a very early age, but he never entered the realm of bondage and fetish until his girlfriend Ashley Renee asked if he would shoot some pictures for her.  That was in 1995.

These images changed everything.  They appeared in countless magazines, websites and print campaigns.  From there his career exploded.  Soon he was shooting all of the top fetish and bondage models as well as Playboy Playmates in bondage and publishing these images through this site and other venues.

Originally Bondage By Request was a membership site which featured thousands of photos and videos.  As times changed, Jim decided to take the site down but leave a small taste of his favorite images and models up as an online portfolio.  This is what you see here on the pages of this site…  the online portfolio of more than a decade of work.  These images were shot between 1995-2007.  There are many, many more images that will be released as a photo-book in the near future.

For more information on images, licensing and contact info, please use the contact button above.

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